STARLIGHT represented at the EU Innovation Hub Annual Event

STARLIGHT represented at the EU Innovation Hub Annual Event in Brussels

The EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security held its annual event in Brussels on September 13th and 14th, organised in conjunction with the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS). Research and technology organisations, practitioners of internal security from EU Member States, and academic security experts were present in addition to representatives of EU institutions and agencies.

This year's event, with the topic "Shaping responsible solutions for internal security," concentrated on the need to create effective security solutions while also satisfying people's demands for privacy, openness, and accountability. With presentations and input from a variety of governmental, research, and technological organisations, the discussions centred on encryption and AI—the Hub's priorities for 2022.

STARLIGHT hosted a stand in the marketplace alongside other projects and initiatives such as AP4AI, AIDA, EACTDA, UNCOVER, PROMENADE and NESTOR. STARLIGHT was also represented by coordinator Nizar Touleimat from CEA in a panel discussion on Justice and Accountability: Visions for the Future of Innovation for Security – towards Responsible Use of Technologies with an emphasis on justice and law enforcement, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of digitalization and artificial intelligence in these sectors. Particular focus was placed on the effective protection of basic rights as well as responsible and accountable technology deployment methods. The panellists also examined how, in the medium and long terms, digitalization and AI can affect justice, law enforcement, and border control. Earlier in the day, KU Leuven, STARLIGHT partner and representative of the ALIGNER project (part of the AI cluster of security projects) contributed to the first panel - Fundamental Rights Compliant Use of Data.

The EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security is a cooperative network of innovation laboratories, which are specialised groups working within EU organisations to investigate the use of new technology. Innovation laboratories offer their respective agencies technical upgrades and fresh approaches in areas including justice, border security, immigration, asylum, and law enforcement. The Annual Event offers a chance to assess the Hub's performance, highlight cutting-edge initiatives, and determine future goals.

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