STARLIGHT Newsletter: First Edition, November 2022

STARLIGHT Newsletter: First Edition, November 2022

Welcome to the first edition of the STARLIGHT newsletter! Follow the link below to read more about the STARLIGHT project's aims, key milestones, and technical aspirations. In addition, we'll provide updates on events and publications, and introduce our consortium partners.

STARLIGHT is one of the largest security-focused projects funded under the H2020 framework. It is a flagship project that brings together 52 partners from 18 European countries with 15 law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to enhance the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the security domain. 

The goal of this newsletter is to extend the reach of STARLIGHT, developing further cooperation between researchers and security practitioners. This interaction will continue to provide a driving force for the project and facilitate the ambition for fast and effective uptake and adoption of solutions.

Furthermore, we provide a special focus on aligning legal and ethical provisions, legislative frameworks and the protection of fundamental rights for the uptake and adoption of AI technologies in the security domain.

To find out more, please get in touch by email, follow us on social media or visit the project’s website.