D11.2 Communication and Dissemination Plan

This deliverable describes and details the communication and dissemination plan for the STARLIGHT project. It also serves as a reference document for all partners to support communication and dissemination activity including guidance to enable the STARLIGHT consortium to maximise the project's visibility among target groups.

This document presents the strategy for how STARLIGHT will reach and engage with stakeholders across the EU with a focus on those in artificial intelligence, security, and other related disciplines.
The deliverable builds upon D11.1 by enhancing the previously defined brand identity and communication channels such as social media, website, and collaboration platforms. This deliverable goes further by setting out how STARLIGHT will approach the communication of the project information and dissemination of project results through creating and organising content, running multi-channel awareness-raising campaigns, and collaborating with related projects. The strategy ensures that STARLIGHT effectively targets and addresses LEAs, the public, civil society, and EU agencies and bodies to create the desired impact among its research and interest community.

The purpose of this document is to provide an initial project communication plan by highlighting target groups and defining internal communication procedures and means. This includes online and offline media, focusing on reaching audiences interested in the object of our research.